Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow! I'm 7 now!!!!

I had a great birthday yesterday. Mommy hasn't gotten pictures of everything yet but this is the hat she made for me.
Don't I look chic??? This is a hat that one of Mommy's Crochet Designer friends designed. I think that means she made it first and Mommy used her pattern. It's the Flopsy Hat by Vickie Howell  (You can get the pattern HERE and make it yourself!)

One of the presents I was given is a summer-y pink tie-dyed dress that will go great with this hat. I'm going to wear it on Sunday.

I got other goodies too...I now have a new shorts set that was made just for me. It's yellow and black and has lots of polka dots! And it fits perfectly.  Many Kisses Elmo came to live with me too. He's a kissing fool! 
Mommy also got me some neat puzzles and games. And of course she HAD to make me another blanket. 
Mommy said she did a Crab stitch around the edges but I don't see any crabs. And that's probably a good thing.

So now we will see what this next year brings. I have been making some progress with my neck strength so I hope that continues. I got to play on the bouncy balls at therapy last week and I really liked it. I'll get Mommy to bring the camera and take some pictures.

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