Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm getting a new wheelchair!!!

Mom and dad just found out from the insurance companies that they have decided a new wheelchair is "medically necessary" for me! I'm so glad!!! I am getting around better in the stroller we were given because one of my nurses made a panel that makes the back taller so my head doesn't fall backwards, but a wheelchair fit to me will be better.

It will look something like this one but customized to fit me. And it will be PINK!!!!!

To the people have donated money to the wheelchair/room fund. Thank you all so very much!!! Because the wheelchair will now be covered by the insurance and there isn't anything else I really, really need at the moment, Mommy says that the goal of that fund is currently for getting me into a bigger room.

Oh, she also told me that she is still working on getting enough recipes for the cookbook (a room fundraiser) so if anyone has any recipes they really like and would like to share PLEASE send them to her. She is still collecting them and will be until there is enough to make a good cookbook. She was really hoping to get it out last Fall so people could give them as Christmas presents. You can send them to her by CLICKING HERE