Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookbook news

Mommy really, really had hoped to have the cookbook ready for sale by Fall but that didn't happen. She is still in need of recipes so feel free to continue to send your favorites in to her by clicking here I'm still dreaming of my bigger room, with enough space for all my equipment and space to move around better. I'm being patient.

As for me, Princess Junior, I am doing well. I was able to get my flu shot (regular flu - they never got the H1N1, or Hiny flu as my grandma called it, in.) and I have managed to dodge all other illnesses so far this Winter. I keep the nurses on their toes by having some up and down temp issues and because of that Mommy is being very selective about taking me out in the cold, I even missed a Christmas party yesterday, but she thinks it best to maintain my health. Mommy says that we are weathering some nursing issues but she trusts they will be resolved soon so I can have all my favorites here again.

My new Dafoes should be arriving very soon and we will be able to pick them up locally because the company has opened a new location much closer to home. They will be purple and pink. Yea!!! I'm also getting new hand splints that will help me keep my fingers open more. I'm still working hard at therapy. Mommy thought she was being nice and she bought me a wedge for home so now I have to work harder at home too.

I hope everyone is on Santa's nice list and that you all have a very blessed Christmas.