Saturday, January 30, 2010

They wrote about me!

I asked Daddy to post this for me. A nice lady and man from The Daily Times came to my house yesterday, and today they wrote a story about me and the nasty people who stole my wheelchair! [Edit: link updated!] We are so grateful for all the folks who are interested and want to help. Daddy said I should tell you that the fund here began as a way to help me get a bigger room, but that we're going to have to use it to help me in whatever way I need most.

We still hope that insurance (
that's a funny word!) will replace the one the nasty people stole, and if so, then we can use any donations to help get more space for me. I'm a little person, but all my equipment and the people who take care of me need a lot of room. But if insurance can't replace it, then we'll have to use any donations to help with that, because (don't let Daddy hear this) Daddy says he has gotten too decrepit (that's another funny word!) to haul me around. He's wrong. He should have said like a sack of sugar, because I'm an awful lot sweeter than flour.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh where, oh where has my wheelchair rolled off to...

My parents are not happy campers at the moment. You see, someone went into our van during the night and took my wheelchair. Now I can't go to my therapy appointments and doctor appointments without it really being a big ordeal.

Check mom's blog to see what happened... CLICK HERE