Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't forget me, Santa!

I wasn't able to go to the ETTAC Christmas party this year so I missed seeing Santa Claus. It kind of looks like I won't get to see him before Christmas at all. Mommy is glad I didn't make a "special" trip to see him at Children's Hospital. That is probably a good thing. Mommy has a friend who saw Santa at the party and she has a special toy for me (OH! A surprise!!!) She will be dropping it off for Mommy to pick up next week.

The weather here isn't helping the yucky stuff (that's a very technical term!) in my lungs. I have been having oxygen issues for a couple days because the stuff is so thick. Thankfully my nurses are right there to help get it out for me. I don't know what we would do without my suction machine. And when I sneeze I can get a whole lot out! It hasn't been bad enough to call my doctor but I go see him in a few weeks anyway.

Mommy showed me some t-shirts that will be sold as fundraisers for my room. She is hoping to get Daddy to help her get information and pictures of them online this weekend. So maybe there will be a surprise next time you visit!