Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I have the recipe for that????????

My mom and dad are putting together a cookbook as a fundraiser for my new room. They would love for you to help out by sending them a recipe or two or three or more that you really like. Maybe it’s a heirloom recipe that you HAVE to bring to a family gathering or they won’t even let you in… maybe it’s your favorite comfort food… or maybe it’s your favorite decadent indulgence.

There are really no real “rules” but when submitting more than one recipe please make sure they are different kinds of dishes! Although it would be fun, they don’t want to end up with 300 dessert recipes and one casserole. Please proofread your recipes. Mom and Dad might be able to figure out that “ground beff” should really be “ground BEEF” but they won’t know if you typed 1 teaspoon and really meant 1 tablespoon. If you can, please do not use abbreviations. Abbreviations might end up in the cookbook, but if you don’t use them in your submissions it will make it easier to get your recipe printed correctly in the cookbook. If you can, submit each in a separate e-mail with the category you see the recipe fitting and the recipe name listed as the subject. Example: Side dish – Baked Mac n’ Cheese

Some category suggestions: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Beverages, Vegetables, Side dishes, Main Dishes and Casseroles, Breads and Rolls, Cakes, Candies, Cookies, Desserts, and the much loved, “Other.”

We are all really excited about this project and appreciate your help in getting the recipes together!

Please send your recipes to to make it easier for Mom and Dad to keep them all together and not miss one. Thanks!