Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big words make people sad

This request isn't for me. One of my day nurses has been gone for a week. She is back and mommy just found out why she had to leave. Her 34 year old son was murdered last Tuesday morning. That's a big word for me and I don't know what it means but I do know that it has made her very sad. It has also made his wife and three children sad, too. Please send good thoughts and prayers their way to make them feel better.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And a big thank you!!!

We have been getting recipes for the upcoming cook book. Thank you all! But we need more, so please keep them coming. We appreciate the help. Mom says that she can see she will be trying new recipes for a long time, everything sounds so good.

Blankets and throws to keep you warm

These are some of the throws that my mom has done. She is offering them for sale to benefit the building fund for my room. If you are interested in buying one please e-mail my mom at jlvking@soapboxorations.com

Throw 1 - Pink Cabled Fans (32"x48") - $40

Throw 2 - Green and Pink Ripple (48"x56") - $40

Throw 3 - Pink Spikes ( 40"x68") - $40

Throw 4 - Diamonds (heavyweight) (44"x62") - $50

Throw 5 - Geometrics - $50

Throw 6 - Bright Stripes (32"x48") - $30

Throw 7 - Neon Ripples (32"x36") - $30

Throw 8 - Red and purple curliques (lapthrow for two or shawl)(23"x62") - $30

Throw 9 - Neon Stripes (44"x40") - $35

Throw 10 - Pastel Grannies (48"x48") - $60

Throw 11 - Pastel Teardrops (36"x33")

Throw 12 - Pastel Spiked Scallops (37"x38")

Throw 13 - Purple and Pastel Fans (32"x33") - $50

Available... Warm scarves for cold necks

These are some of the handmade scarves that are currently available. $15 each to benifit the building fund. Please e-mail my mom to verify that they have not been sold.

Scarf #1

Scarf #2

Scarf #3

Scarf #4

Scarf #5

Scarf #6

Scarf #7

Scarf #8

Scarf #9

Scarf #10

Scarf #11

Scarf #12

Scarf #13

Scarf #14

Saturday, January 3, 2009

EWWWW... go wash your face!!!!

Mom has made me some really soft handmade washcloths. Since they work so nicely and feel so good she thought other people might like them too...

They are wonderfully soft, 100% cotton. Because the are not too terribly large (about 6 inches across), they are great for faces! She can make them round or square. They are $1.50 each or three for $4.00 and mom is going to put the proceeds in my building fund. Just e-mail mom HERE to tell her how many you would like and give her some color ideas (some colors you like and if you prefer variegated or solid). She will get back to you on the possibilities and your total. Shipping will be minimal.

(Mommy can do custom candy bar wrappers and some of her wrapper friends also do gift baskets and decorated paint cans. If any of you do gift baskets or cans, these are great as additions to Spa or New B
aby sets.)