Sunday, May 24, 2009

Decorated by my doc!

Friday Mom and Dad took me to see one of my docs for Botox. I look thrilled about it, don't I? Believe me, I was.

You can see the little white globs on my cheeks. That is the numbing cream to make the shots hurt less. I had it on my neck too. I had started arching my neck so Mom surprised me by talking to the doc about it so then I ended up getting four shots instead of just two. I knew I was getting the shots in my jaws but because she said something I also got them in the back of my neck. At least I don't have to get those or the ones in my shoulders too often.

Here Daddy is playing with me. I had been swinging my hands up in the air so I guess he was hoping I would hit his hands.

The best part of the trip was that we had a nurse sub and the one filling in is one of my buddies. I'm always glad to see him! (My regular nurse had car trouble on the way to my house and had to call to have them send someone else. And my night nurse was very kind and stayed until the sub could get there.)

I was pretty much over being out and either in my car seat of my wheelchair and my pulse was a bit high so Dad ended up giving me something to calm me down. Then I started running a fever. But I had a good nurse that night and she managed to make me feel better. I've been running one off and on since but seem to be doing ok now.