Monday, December 15, 2008

Early Christmas...

Yesterday my mom and dad went to visit some of their friends. There was a surprise there for my parents. One of their friends online buddies (you know who you are!) had sent a card to their house for my mom and dad. Inside there was a nice note and a check for the building fund! Wow. They are so grateful to those special people. And I am too!

And mom did some crocheting for one of my nurses (can't say what it was because they are for Christmas!) and that added a bit to the fund. Many thanks to her too!

My parent's had to deal with some medical issues with my little big sister today and while that was going on one my pieces of medical equipment for my oxygen broke. The company that supplies it is really great, they sent someone out with a new piece to replace the broken part and everything is ok now.
Fortunately we had the e-tanks to use while we waited for the part.

Because of the medical crisis with my sister today, my nurse had to reschedule the doctor's appointment that I was supposed to go to this afternoon. Now I don't go until the late part of January. My doctors are busy people! But that's because they are good doctors! :)