Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update on the wheelchair #2 - Close but...

Mommy and Daddy took me to get my new wheelchair yesterday. At least that's what they told me. I slept through it all so all I know is that when we got home I still didn't have my new chair. Since I slept though it I'll let mommy tell you what happened.

As the Princess said,  we were supposed to get her new chair yesterday. We arrived there to find several other little girls getting new electric wheelchairs, one little girl (who looked smaller than the Princess) was even operating hers by her feet!

We went into one of the small rooms and waited. The Princess was having some O2 issues so we took the time we had to wait to get her out of the stroller and get her onto the therapy table and reposition to get the O2 issue dealt with.

Then the chair comes in...


This is what R rolled in. I thought it was a bad practical joke at first. I told R "No, that isn't what I ordered." but the tag has her name on it! Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT like orange. And this was pretty close to UT orange so that just made it worse. R checked the paperwork and... sure enough, it was supposed to be Pearl Pink. He called the supplier and they were all apologies and expedited arrangements have been made to replace the colored parts of the frame. Now R will have to take this one apart and rebuild it when the other parts get here. It will look identical to this since it will be this chair except the orange frame pieces will be replaced with the correct Pearl Pink frame pieces. We are looking at another about 2 weeks before it's ready. We rescheduled her seating clinic appointment that was scheduled for Monday (no seat, no reason to go!) The soonest we can't get her in is in AUGUST!

So we went home with a new loaner that works better than the stroller we were given. We returned the wheelchair they had originally loaned us. This one is an adult chair but it isn't made for someone who can propel themselves like that one was so less danger of the Princess getting wheel-burns on her arms. The seat is a bit on the big size (adult and all) so her legs can't dangle down normally. But she looks SOOOO cute and very comfortable sitting tailor-fashion on the seat. We are thinking that it might even be more comfortable on her hips.

On a happier note... Since R was able to find another loaner we gifted them the stroller we had been given (passing it on) for them to use as a loaner for other kids in need.

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