Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheep, cheep... Cheep, cheep... Cheep.....

That is chick-speak for I had company this past Sunday!

Mommy's friend, Miss Terri, brought over some chicks for me to see. Mommy wanted to do this because a while back we went on a field trip to the UT campus and toured the animal facility. We saw all kinds of animals - birds, horses, cows, goats, pigs, and chickens. There was even a parade of different kinds of horses. When we got to the chickens they had a bunch of baby chicks. I really, really liked them. I even got to pet one! They were really nice a soft but they were noisy. 

Chicks sure haven't changed much because the ones Miss Terri brought over were nice and soft but they were still really noisy. Even so, I'm glad Mommy had her bring them. I didn't know they came in different colors! The one I petted before was yellow and these were black! Imagine that!!!

(Shhh... Mommy "borrowed" the picture Miss Terri took and put on her blog because she hasn't been able to get the ones she took off the video camera yet. She doesn't use it often so she's still learning how to work it.) 

So a BIG THANK YOU to Miss Terri for helping me get to do something I normally wouldn't have gotten to do. Mommy and Daddy appreciate when people take the time to do things like this for me. And I do too!

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